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Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, and departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time.
Some are born great, some achieve greatness, whereas greatness is thrust upon some. The Founding Fathers of this esteemed institution belong to the first category. They believed that if one sows an act, one reaps a habit; when one sows a habit one reaps a character; when one sows a character, one reaps a destiny. Having no access to quality school education, the visionary Lala Jai Prakash Jain Ji dedicated his life to the cause of education. Lord Mahavira’s tenets have a strong bearing on the vision of the school. The Founding Father was keen to plant seeds that help Our Vision
others thrive. These seeds manifest in the form of  values such as integrity, courage, sacrifice fortitude and honesty in an individual. The idea was to provide quality-oriented education to even a layman, thereby realizing the essence of education in the true sense of the term.
This vision for the school to be the Hope of a Better Age is encapsulated in  Latin as  Auspicium Melioris Aevi. Meritocracy and multiculturalism, regardless of race, religion or mother tongue should be the order of the day , if good governance is to be achieved.The Founder saw the vision of  a collective commitment by all employees to demonstrate a consistent, appropriate and comparable level of teaching and service excellence ,across all locations, creating a dynamic synergy of intent and action focussed on student succ. The aim also includes in achieving excellence in sports, extra-curricular activities, computer-oriented education and spirituality awareness. The adage, education is what education does, can be realized through these various disciplines. Acquiring and honing the various will give the students a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that instils confidence and security. Lala Jaiprakash Jain Ji thought ahead of his times, when globalization would rule the roost. He hoped to build an educational institution that was nulli secundus (second to none). Humility and foresightedness best described this great philanthropist.  The main tenet was to teach individuals to put their heart and soul in everything that they do, with effort being the watchword.
The Founder foresaw an institution which was committed to developing leaders of the future steeped in character, confidence and commitment, where students  are able and eager to bring out the best in their communities;students who  embody the institution’s mission of nurturing thinkers, leaders and pioneers of character who serve by leading and lead in serving. Developing a forward-looking curriculum that is internationally recognised, providing  opportunities for peaks of excellence and nurturing outstanding leaders of character and vision was also a part of the agenda, the Founder would have envisaged for his institution. Developing a teaching  faculty endowed with the knowledge of a high level of  professional practice and pedagogy and who inspire the best in students also would have taken precedence before laying the foundation of an institution par excellence like Kirorimal Public School!
" The Most Solid Education your Child can get "
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